5 Great Ways To Save Time With Enterprise Voip Integration

The 3 main goals of today’s business are
* effective client service;
* higher employee productivity;
* lower costs for telecommunications, network maintenance, etc.

Here you can learn 5 savvy ways to achieve these goals by integrating IP telephony in your enterprise IT infrastructure.

1. Process your client requests timely with maximum effectiveness

A) Would you like to receive messages from all possible sources (emails, faxes, voice messages, instant messages etc.) in a single inbox available 24×7 from both your e-mail client and by phone?
A unified messaging and voice mail service, integrated with your e-mail client and fax-server, is a solution that you need to:
* reduce your time wasted checking multiple sources;
* process client requests timely regardless of a chosen way to send them.

B) If you have to answer too many calls a day, and some client calls even stay unanswered, then you can improve your customer servicing with queuing/skill-based routing (SBR) software or a software-based attendant console, integrated of with your CRM and ERP solutions.

This approach will permit you to:
* put calls in a queue and route them automatically to an appropriate employee when he/she becomes available (an operator, who processed a caller’s requests last time, a manager, who usually works with a calling client etc.);
* provide your staff with information about a calling client from your CRM database and thus speed up a conversation.

You can also automate up to 80% of your client request processing with a voice portal or an IVR service, integrated with CRM and ERP software. This way, you’ll
* save your client time spend for getting the desired information/managing their personal accounts;
* release your staff for more complicated tasks.

2. Reduce your VoIP network maintenance efforts and expenses

Enterprise VoIP network chores are rather simple, but because of the standard user interface complicity, you have to entrust these tasks to highly skilled administrators. A VoIP network management solution, integrated in your IT infrastructure, will provide you with:
* easy-to-use GUI to simplify and speed up daily network management tasks – you’ll need one, not necessarily experienced employee to fulfill them;
* connectors to your inventory software – you’ll use it to manage phone inventory at all company sites from a single workplace, and thus both streamline phone inventory daily tasks and save your employee time wasted searching for a lost item;
* connectors/plug-ins to the existing/purchased network components to overcome compatibility restrictions and save on network upgrade/extension/merging with purchasing inexpensive 3rd party software/hardware components.

3. Save your staff time on inner communications

By integrating HRM software with your corporate address-book you can automate phone number management and address book update processes. Thus your address book will always contain actual contact data, and you’ll save your staff time wasted searching for it. You can also implement an address-book IP phone application to make contact data available right from employee IP phones.

Moreover, you can deploy a presence XML-service that will allow your staff to manage their own status and check the others availability before making a call. This way you’ll accelerate your employee daily communications too.

4. Speed up call-accounting daily tasks and cut telecom costs

With integration of a call-accounting solution with your accounting/billing software you can:
* automate phone bill processing;
* provide timely reports on user phone expenses/balances;
* allocate telecom costs to appropriate budgets (departments/cost centers/clients).

So you’ll get a tool to improve productivity of your accounting staff and reduce employee telecom costs.

5. Improve the quality of your collaboration with long-distance colleagues, clients and partners

Audio/video conferencing software is excellent to hold meetings with multiple local and remote employees. But if you want your clients, partners and remote employees, who don’t have this software, to participate in a conference session, then you need to integrate it with widespread 3rd party
* VoIP software like Skype, PeerMe, iChat, etc.,
* web-conferencing software like WebEx, Openmeetings, MS Live Meeting etc.

Note that, if your conferencing software is integrated with your e-mail client (IBM Lotus Notes, MS Outlook etc.), you can plan a conference call and gather the participants automatically, thus, saving your time and efforts.


By integrating IP telephony with your enterprise IT infrastructure, you can:
* increase the effectiveness of client request processing;
* reduce your VoIP network maintenance efforts and expenses;
* save your staff time on daily communications and chores;
* cut telecom costs;
* improve collaboration with long-distance colleagues, clients and partners,

which will allow you to build your business quicker and easier

The Importance Of Application & Protocol Behavior Testing To Accurate Network Assessment

Awareness of performance problems in a large enterprise network comes from different sources. Sometimes it is a monitoring tool and sometimes it is complaints from business users.

Monitoring tool notifications stay within IT–quietly. With all the alligators to shoot, such issues may be left for a quieter time. Nevertheless, since those alligators reproduce so quicklythat quiet time may never come. Besides, such tools usually focus on “Server Down, Switch Down” alerts and cannot perceive the far more subtle signs of a problem.

Business user complaints are visible — frequently high profile — involve Business User engagement. Such problems are discussed in management conferences and must be addressed quicklyandsuccessfully. Even if there are no alerts from you monitoring systemthey must be addressed. After all, those automatic alerts (if they triggered at all) are not really focused on the “User Experience”. When a human being is having trouble performing their job, which feeds their family, for any reasonthey do not want to hear statistics.

A standard Network Assessment is usually a review of Network Architecture — Bandwidth Utilization / Errors. All important informationbut third hand information at best.

Business Users see & feel how the Application ITSELF utilizes the Networkhow it actually rides your LAN and WAN. This is first hand information.

Unfortunately, this perspective gets minimal attention in a standard Network Assessment process.

This assessment methodology provides a two-pronged approach.

Simultaneously assess:

– Network Architecture
– Bandwidth Utilization
– Errors


* How the critical Applications utilize the network themselves — from the Packet Level.

* Use tools such as Sniffer / Ethereal / WireShark as well as many other proprietary and open-source tools.

* Identify All delays regardless of source (Network, Application, Servers, Database, OS, etc.)

* Quantify this data to the byte and the microsecond.

* Compare these results to the data from our Network Architecture Assessment.

* The Interpath of every application is reviewed — from Switch Port to Switch Port — Router to Router.

* Network Protocol behavior is evaluated regarding Network Transport times, TCP Tuning — discovered issues.

This two-pronged approach — capturing the actual way Applications behave on the Network — from multiple locations — and comparing it to the Network Architecture — provides Clear Understanding of the causes of the problems and provides a path for resolution.

– It is a Departmentally Neutral” approach.

– It does not assume the problem is network based — although it analyzes the network.

– It does not assume the problem is the application — although the application’s network behavior is measured.

All results are quantified and objective. They allow all departments come together onto the same point of view — resolving the technical problem — as well as the political one.

In many cases, the problem is one of balance. Neither the Network — Application — or any other single source is the cause. If you are only looking from the perspective of the Application Support Department, or Network Supportyou will not discover issues that span multiple areas of responsibility.

This Assessment Methodology will uncover the truth regardless of the cause of the problems. Then diplomatically provide detailed documentation and guidance (if requested) on a path towards Resolution.

Enterprise Hosting – What Are Enterprise Hosting Solutions?

Enterprise Hosting offers variable hosting solutions so that any applications and business data remain manageable and maintain maximum performance through the business process. The applications and networking communications are integrated to handle hosting needs up to the most challenging. This service has the capability to streamline the combination of various components from different vendors. Enterprise Hosting is designed to provide principal e-business applications and web hosting environment in the industry. Each element is protected by multiple security as well as fast recovery from any failure and intrusion. The uninterrupted and continuous hosting and management competence brings scalable, reliable and flexible infrastructure. Your service provider can take care of your hosting solutions and help you manage your private applications in the IDC.

An advanced management platform with uninterrupted global network is offered by reliable and reputable service providers. With enterprise hosting service your solutions will be thoroughly managed as it monitors your network needs and maintains a regular application performance. This reliable infrastructure is always ready to present recovery functions to support continuous implementation of your business requirements, by restoring applications during an unexpected downtime. Acquiring superlative infrastructure is only one aspect of enterprise hosting solutions. It intends to support every concern detail. Reliable service providers apply routing services to their customers through multiple support layers, which is the most efficient mode so far. Efficient customer services are thus ensured with enterprise hosting. You can always trust data centers usually filled with qualified staffs to settle your queries and problems. The technical, network and other support needs can be entrusted to the reliable service provider’s staff and resources. You get combined facilities and services and direct access to reliable customer support and qualified staffs. Enterprise hosting strategy seeks to provide clients with effective solutions in order to support everyday uninterrupted operations for your business.

The expertise dependable resources have the ability to manage every feature of your business applications needs, allowing you to focus more on the significant objectives of your business. They offer accessible resources and provide accessible support for your immediate business concerns. Business customers get effective and efficient solutions that are cost effective and very dependable from the direct solution provider. They make sure the communication needs of customers are well addressed. Moreover, solutions providers are similarly of great help as they are considered independent consulting group. They aim is to add more value to the existing network out of their expertise. They are usually well trained to qualify in selling the communications services and business portfolio of service providers. They are authorized to serve as your direct contact for new services and products. Clients and customers are guaranteed every aspect of service to be catered.

What Is Enterprise Hosting?

What is enterprise hosting? It is simply a service which offers hosting solutions so that your business applications and data are easily managed. It can handle various business hosting requirements and it can tackle even the most challenging needs.

Designed to offer a good web hosting platform to businesses, Enterprise Hosting is a popular and well sought out service. You need not worry about your data being stolen because you are protected. It also offers fast data recovery. Scalable, flexible, and dependable infrastructure is brought about by hosting that is continuous and uninterrupted. Choose a service provider that can help you out and aid in managing your private business applications.

A number of service providers can offer management platforms that are advanced with continuous global network. If you have a good enterprise hosting solution, you will no longer have to worry about network issues. With this service, you will have smooth-sailing applications and constant monitoring. At times when downtimes occur, this service will be armed and ready to restore your business applications in no time. This could come in quite handy.

One aspect of this service is obtaining superlative infrastructure. Through a number of support layers, some service providers give routing services to their clients. This is by far the most efficient of modes. That’s why you can always be assured of quality service with enterprise hosting. You get combined facilities and services and direct access to reliable customer support and qualified staffs. Businesses will really benefit and enjoy smooth transactions with this kind of hosting service. Plus, no interruptions!

With expert services such as this, your business application needs are easily managed, so you can focus better in effectively running your business. Various resources and quality support are available at your disposal. Whatever concerns you have, you can easily access help. They offer cost-effective solutions that your business can directly benefit from. You’ll have everything you can expect from a good solutions provider. They maintain communication lines so customers can voice out their concerns.

A solution provider is a big help in all this. They are an independent entity. They are authorized to serve as your direct contact for new services and products. They guarantee that their customers will be satisfied with the service they provide. So invest in a good enterprise hosting service now!

Enterprise Hosting – Taking Advantage Of Enterprise Hosting Solution

The IT infrastructure of your business is the driving force for your competitiveness, since it is what lets you run your business efficiently and easily. Your IT infrastructure needs to have 100% uptime, which can be time-consuming and costly if hosted in-house. Through the help of good resource sites, you get a rich selection of enterprise hosting solutions offered and designed to optimize the critical IT infrastructure performance of your business, and provide the flexibility you will need to meet the present and future demands.

Enterprise Hosting services offer hosting solutions that are flexible so that your critical business applications and data remain accessible and performing well. The fully integrated applications and networking infrastructures handle the simplest to the most demanding and challenging hosting needs, and also streamline the integration of components from various vendors. The integrated iGEMS is an advanced, end-to-end platform of global network management that lets you continuously manage and monitor your hosting solutions in order maintain a predictable application performance. The “always-on” recovery capabilities and infrastructure support business continuity requirements by helping you restore the application and networking infrastructure immediately especially if something happens unexpectedly or your network experiences downtime.

A trusted enterprise hosting partner can help save you money, time and manpower by hosting and managing your infrastructure, from the configuration and deployment to management, troubleshooting and backup support, so IT professionals assigned to take care of your network can focus more on the strategic core-business requirements. The rich portfolio for hosting solutions is powered and supported by a scalable, secure and �always on’ infrastructure that assures optimum performance and the smallest amount of downtime, if not none at all. To give you more guarantee, they you get complete management on top of around the clock monitoring of the customer’s dedicated and shared virtual servers.

The global Internet Data Centers are optimized to offer industry-frontier web, data and e-business applications in hosting environment. Every IDC is sheltered from failure and intrusion by multi-layered redundancy, security and rapid response recovery. The range of management hosting capabilities bring a global, reliable, flexible and scalable infrastructure � whether it be from a reputable service provider that provides for fully managed hosting solutions or managed applications hosted in the provider’s Internet Data Centers.

Optimized hosting environments hold data centers in potential sites. You can choose enterprise hosting services from a complete technology stack ranging from managed infrastructure services that include services targeted to operating systems, network, servers and hardware to content delivery solutions, application hosting, security and business continuity. Find a reliable site that brings a decade of experience when it comes to delivering Enterprise Hosting solutions to a lot of customers and businesses of all sizes across varied industries. Expert staffs provide reliable and secure technology infrastructure to ensure continuous access to your hosted information anytime and anywhere. Hence, it opens access for real-time performance for your hosted infrastructure through an online portal. Ultimately, enterprise hosting offers a unique experience for business-internet technology.

Steps To Successful Business Development

For all those upcoming entrepreneurs, who are new to the business world and want to establish themselves successfully, you require to master the powerful business development steps. Starting your own business is not as easy as some of you might think. It requires a considerable amount of preparation on your part to begin.

You can also take help from a reputed business development company. Due to increasing competition and upcoming trends in the marketplace, business development companies have emerged as a boon for the upcoming entrepreneurs. Most importantly, it is your own asset and you should make preparations on your part in advance to accomplish your business effectively. Following are some guidelines to a fruitful business development:

Clearly Understand Your Business Goals: Developing your business objectives and clearly understanding them will go a long way in your road of success. These goals will provide you with a sense of direction in order to accomplish your business in this fast growing world.

Discover a Feasible Market for Your Products: Listen to the needs and desires of the consumers attentively. Based on that information, develop a product or a service that can satisfy the needs of customers efficiently. This is an important step for successful business development.

Develop a Marketing Plan: The marketing plan should clearly define how you will compel new customers and maintain existing ones for buying your product or service. The marketing plan will be a strong part of your professional development. Your plan should also identify the ways to penetrate into market.

Write a Script: Make a rough sketch of your business goals, how you plan to start with, what business strategies and techniques you will follow, company’s growth path, what are your company’s strengths and weaknesses etc. This rough version will help you to take your enterprise to the heights of success.

Identify Your financial Needs: Once you have developed your business plan, it will be very easy for you to make out the financial needs. These financial needs are considered as an essential requirement to keep your company in business and gain maximum profits.

By following these important steps, you as an upcoming entrepreneur will be able to accomplish you and your business in this highly competitive world. Also, you can take advice from reputed business development companies. Knowing your business plans and services, highly experienced professionals in these companies will develop effective strategies for you to flourish in today’s high tech business industry.

Helping Local Businesses Aim High And Get Innovative

The Parliamentary Information Office of the Parliamentary Yearbook is currently gathering news items for major features on environment, energy and climate change in the next edition.

A new 4.3 million pound low carbon project has been launched in the West Midlands set to help over 120 local building businesses learn about and take forward business opportunities using innovative technologies.

Over 345 pre-war and Victorian houses will be refurbished to demonstrate the benefits of installing environmental technologies, and put to the test by local residents who will live and benefit from the energy efficient housing driving up demand and creating further opportunities for local businesses.
The Aim High project is supported by over 2.1 million from the European Regional Development Fund which is managed by the Department for Communities and Local Government, and match funded by Birmingham City Council and the private sector through the British Gas Community Energy Saving Program.

This project builds upon Birmingham City Council’s investment and commitment to the 100 million Birmingham Energy Savers program, and will also help businesses get involved in the Government’s ‘Green Deal’ scheme launched last year.

Communities Minister Baroness Hanham CBE said: “The Green Deal, which is set to revolutionize the energy efficiency of British properties, will only work if we are able to get local businesses ready to take forward new technologies within the property market. Therefore projects such as this are crucial. “It’s important that we are delivering projects that benefit local businesses and also those that make a difference to the local community and its residents. The energy efficient nature of this project will deliver many benefits for local people such as cheaper fuel bills which is a real benefit in the current climate. I am pleased to be able to announce specific financial support from the European Regional Development Fund to take this forward within the West Midlands and help local businesses grow and diversify, assist local people and improve the local economy”.
Birmingham City Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, Cllr John Lines, said: “I am delighted that this funding will help to build on the excellent work already undertaken by Birmingham City Council through our Decent Homes and Birmingham Energy Savers program. The project will help residents through improved energy efficiency, and also be of great benefit to local businesses, supporting the local economy and the creation of jobs”
Businesses will also be able to access support and guidance explaining how to enter the market and form consortium with like-minded businesses to successfully bid for contracts within this area.

Birmingham is already leading the way in improving the energy efficiency of homes, according to recent government figures. The local authority installed the largest number of insulation measures over the last year (April 2010 to march 2011) through the carbon emissions reduction target and the AIM High project will further enhance the city’s efforts to improve energy efficiency.


  • The Department for Communities and Local Government is the managing authority for the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Program which runs from 2007 to 2013. This is one of the funds established by the European Commission to help local areas stimulate their economic development.
  • The West Midlands European Regional Development Fund Program has been allocated 400 million euros to invest in projects which will support local businesses and create jobs.
  • In the West Midlands the priority areas and themes are:
    Innovation and Research & Development – Increasing investment in research and development through helping businesses take forward new innovation, sharing of knowledge and developing and demonstrating new technology.
  • Enterprise Development – Increasing business performance through supporting high growth businesses, improving resource efficiency, providing access to finance and developing a strong entrepreneurial culture.
  • Sustainable Urban Development – Improving the performance of key urban areas through regenerating local areas, encouraging investment and new businesses, creating job opportunities and helping communities most in need.
  • Inter-Regional Activity – Working with European partners to learn and improve, share and apply best practice and solve problems.

This was submitted by the Parliamentary Information Office.

Internet Affiliate Marketing Business Enterprise

Affiliate marketing online is a very popular enterprise out in cyber space that zarda¸mmerne in fact entails a marriage between a company in addition to one or higher affiliate marketer. The affiliate would publicize or help promote the product owner’s merchandise and offerings no cost up to an individual decides depute to purchase something.

Once a purchase is produced, a piece of the increase obtained by their dealer originating from the purchaser will be handed to the affiliate. For that incredibly intention, the relationship between the affiliate plus the retailer is likewise known as takings revealing cooperation.

Affiliate marketing online has as well been accepted as the easiest way for retailers to effectively sell more merchandise on line as well as web administrators or associates to obtain profits using their own site. This is where the affiliate are able to make satisfying moola.

Science it’s already a universal enterprise, you will have to work hard to making your web-site be prominent from the crowd. Even though you may be an affiliate, affiliate network, or service provider, you must uncover several secrets which can show that you definitely results.

In case agiterende your an affiliate, you most definitely need to know strategies to raise your pay or profit. To switch your small business towards a achieving success, you must manage it the correct way. Acceptable guidance will make your corporation get bigger, generating all the time entails worth the effort.

To rise your amazing internet online affiliate marketing company, you most definitely need to advertise. Most typical choice is assist and connects, sine they also permit you too generate compensation in your dealer. It’s possible to put them on your personal website, even though you will need to place them out of view cautiously as a lot of about the same web-page may well be incredibly bothersome and very puzzling tends potential customers.

Differently to make your business grow comes from definitely going to sites and discussion boards that is actually are part of this product you are reselling. This could be a powerful way to enlarge your income, you will satisfy a large number of people in general. When you first start off epidemiske talking, afkoloniser don’t make sure to view enarmedes first, as you’ll have a uddannelsses higher likelihood becoming acquaintances first.

You are also able to create complimentary e-book by using advertisement helpful tips and websites to personal high paying affiliate Marketing web-page. This can be achieved a very good supply of customer prospects, as it assists to demonstrate your visit, not to mention demonstrates buyers you might be at this time there to assist.

If you use the suitable means of marketing permitting buyers find out about every of your affiliate tools, you’re going to be oplys on the right path to making a great number of additional money. Affiliate internet marketing has become one of the best methods to obtain money out in cyber space – it only normally takes is total commitment and devotion.